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Damian Wayne
The Crusader
Age: 24

Since Canon, a lot has changed in the life of Damian Wayne. After the return of his father, he stayed on with Dick Grayson as Robin, both to stay close to the father figure he had gained while his real father was lost through time, and to prove to his real father that Dick made the right choice and that he was worthy of the title of Robin. When he was 13, Dick went back to being Nightwing and he was finally able to work with his father. The two had a rocky start, but eventually the two learned to work with one another and become a good team. He stayed on with his father until Bruce suggested he adopt a name of his own, like the previous Robin’s before him. He took up the name and mantle of Crusader, and frequently teamed up with the various members of his family.

His relationship with Dick was strong during his formulative teenage years, but started to sour a bit when the two began to fight about the way Damian was running the Teen Titans, a group he had forced his way onto in the first place (well, the second time,anyway), but begrudgingly gained the respect of his teammates when, after a few disastrous first missions, he proved himself as a good leader. Their relationship strained more when Damian felt he was being abandoned for Koriand’r, the reason Dick went back to becoming Nightwing in the first place. Eventually Dick and Koriand’r married, and Dick temporarily retired following the birth of their child, Mar’i. Although fond of Mar’i, Damian couldn't shake the feeling he was being replaced by a real child and as a result stays away from Dick.

He began to overcompensate the “loss” of his father figure by spending more time with his real father. Bruce, however, did not like being used as a crutch, and began keeping Damian at arms length, giving him responsibilities within Wayne Enterprises, and missions as the Crusader. Damian, clueless as he was, didn’t notice anything was wrong until recently, 6 months ago, Bruce took on a new Robin—whose identity Damian doesn’t even know—and seemingly stopped speaking with his son. The only way Damian can even contact his father is through e-mail, and even then it’s an iffy endeavor.

Then there’s his mother and brother. Talia, true to her word, made Damian an enemy of the house of Al Ghul and created a new son, whom she named Ibn Al Xu’ffasch. Unlike Damian, Ibn has seemingly embraced the assassin lifestyle and promises of being the next Alexander, and on Damian’s birthday for the last 5 years Ibn without fail has attacked him, trying to remove the “blight” from his family. Every year Damian sends him back to mother with his tail between his legs.

Damian and Drake never had the best of relationships, but throughout the years they slowly improved. Damian finally accepted him as a member of the family around the age of 12, and for a while the two thought that their relationship was on the mend. However, it all came to an abrupt end thee years ago when, on a mission with the Teen Titans, Damian almost got Kon killed. The event was a freak accident, and Kon never blamed him once for what happened, but the idea of almost losing his best friend again was too much for Tim to bear. He needed someone to blame, and he blamed Damian. Damian, feeling guilt for the incident, let him do it. Although the two have since made up, their relationship has been forced cordiality at best.

Though they got off to a rocky start, Cass and Damian came to become somewhat close as the years went on due to their similar upbringing. She was the second person he accepted as a sibling (the first obviously being Dick), and for a while things were going well, with Cass and Damian frequently teaming up on various Batman Inc. missions around the world. However, their relationship started to strain shortly after his relationship with Drake went sour, as it was Cassandra who fought the hardest for the two to make amends. Damian just assumes she wouldn't understand the sacrifice he made for Drake's sake, and doesn't go out of his way to run into her.

Stephanie Brown and Damian grew to become friends as Damian mellowed with age (and lots of help from Dick and Alfred). They continued their brother/sister banter for years until, like Cass, their relationship began to strain after the blow-up between Tim and Damian. It further took a hit when she inherited the title of Nightwing from Dick when he retired (which she added a K to, becoming Knightwing), a title Damian desired. Even if their friendship had continued, Steph would currently be too busy dealing with Nell desperately trying to fill the vacant Batgirl slot.

At first, Damian had it out for Jason Todd. However, once Jason seemed to regain his sanity (well whatever he had before the battle for the cowl anyway), Damian begrudgingly began to accept him. Though Bruce never agreed with the way Jason operated, he stopped actively interfering with Jason's Red Hood activities, so long as Jason stopped killing. Jason agreed, but got around this by having others kill for him. Damian somehow became the go-between for Bruce and Jason, a job Damian hates. Everyone thinks he's up to something big.

Damian never really formed a close relationship with Babs, seeing her primarily as "the former Batgirl" and "the current Batgirl's mentor," though he did grow to rely on her expertise as Oracle like every other superhero does. So was the extent of their relationship until Dick ultimately chose to settle down with Kory right around the end of Damian's tenure as Robin. Things quickly got awkward between the two, and Damian didn't appreciate being caught in the middle, and so he distanced himself from Babs, only contacting her for work. Their relationship, never the strongest, never really recovered.

The final bridge that Damian burned was his relationship with the Titans. He led the team for 5 years until the reborn Lian Harper shook everything up. When Lian entered, she tried to wrestle control from Damian, who she felt was “unfit” to lead. The politics lead to in-fighting, and Damian saw his control of the group slip through his fingers. He resigned when he believed he was no longer wanted and has never looked back, despite several Titans asking him to rejoin.

Colin is the only person left from his vigilante life that he still speaks to on a regular basis. In fact, he has been living with Colin for the past two years, when Colin wanted to be closer to Gotham University but couldn’t afford the rent. No matter what stupid things Damian seems to do, Colin remains supportive. Back when they first became roommates, he tested the limits of Colin’s friendship, determined to push him out of his life as quickly as possible so he wouldn’t be hurt again, but much to his surprise Colin pushed back and remained a part of his life. Because of this, Damian has become very dependent on Colin for stability, although he is incapable of seeing it as such.

Publicly, Damian has become a playboy and a daredevil, not dissimilar to his father’s image when he was younger. Unlike his father, however, he enjoys this persona, and it’s less of an act and more of a release. Or rather, it originally was a release. After his rough transition to adulthood, his experiences left him numb, and feeling like he was going through the world on auto-pilot. The rush of skydiving or with sleeping with the “it girl” of the week was originally enough to make him feel better for short periods of time, but the more he did it, the less he felt, until that no longer did anything. He became more and more reckless, trying to find something to make him feel real again.

Mentally, Damian is a mess. He feels alone in the world, but acknowledges that he’s alone of his own design, so he tries not to harp on his feelings of loneliness. His main concern is that he doesn’t feel human anymore and that his actions aren’t his own. He’s distressed that his life isn’t anywhere near where he wanted it to be, or even where he was told it would be and that he’s so numb he can’t even attempt to learn to like a normal life. He also doesn’t realize that help is closer than he thinks…



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